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Safe toys - prevention of a recall

Child chokes on the eye of a cuddly animal - for parents a nightmare. For the tabloids a smashing headline. For the company that produced the toys a disaster.


If a toy has to be called back the damage is tremendous even if the cause wasn’t an accident but due to a test in a magazine.


Parents expect the toy companies to manufacture extreme safe products for their children. A safety which the Toy Directive 2009/48/EC provides. If the transition period of the Toy Directive ends this summer, toys which come on the market have to be provided with a CE marking. With the CE marking, you as a manufacturer, guarantee that your products meet the requirements of this policy


But can you do it on your own?


We at the laboratory Dr. Graner & Partner GmbH are available to you as an independent institution, with the necessary knowledge and custom made equipment.


We offer:

- Implementation of all mechanical tests according to EN 71 on toys of all kinds

- Implementation of all physical and chemical material testing of toys according to EN 71

- Mechanical testing and analysis from a single testing institute

- Analysing and testing in the shortest possible time

- Fair Prices


Call us, or tell us your analysis wish in an e-mail

We stand by your side. For the safety of your young customers, for the safety of your business and for the good feeling to have done everything necessary


Your team of

Dr. Graner & Partner GmbH



Fatos Gencer,

Phone: 089 / 863 005-35

Fax: 089 / 863 005-11







The plus you put with us

• From chemical analysis to expert`s validation - all from one source


• Consolidated micro biological and physical-chemical analysis


• Many years of experience in demarcation matters




PAHs in toys
Due to the increasing
number of cancers among
children is urgently required,
according to the Federal Institute for
Risk Assessment to minimize
the exposure to CMR substances
(carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic substances) as far as possible.

Many polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are carcinogenic substances and can be assigned to the so-called CMR substances. The PAHs are typically a substance mixture of more than hundred individual components. PAHs can be contained, among other things, ...(more)