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A to Z

A Active ingredients in cosmetics
Admittance of medicaments
Analysis according to pharmacopoeia
Assessment of industrial and commercial damage
Assessment of damage in case of industrial and commercial damage occurrence
B Bathing water, analysis of
Building fabric, examination of
C Cleaning agents, analysis of
Consumer articles, analysis of
Contaminants, testing for
Convenience-goods, analysis of
D Damage management
Determination of pollutant-contents
Demarcation expertises
Dietary supplement
Drinking water, analysis of
E Electrical and electronic components: RoHS Conformity Verification
Emission-analysis of materials
Environmental analytics
Examination according to §35 LMBG
Examination for contaminants
Examination on mould in building interiors
Examination on legionella
Expert reports on mould damage
Expert reports on the marketability of cosmetics
Expert reports on the marketability of food
Expert reports on water damage
F Fire damage, assessment
Federal Regulation for Soil Protection (BbodSchV), examination according to
Functional Food
H Hygiene-inspection
Hygiene examination of ventilation and air-conditioning systems
Hygienic products (examination))
L LAGA - Working Group of the Federal States on Waste, analysis according to
Legionella, examination for
M Medical products, analysis of
Medicaments, admission of
Microbiological analysis
Monitoring of removal and remediation
Mould in building interiors
N Novel Food
Nutrient-providing ingredients in food
P Paper products, analysis of
Pharmaceutical raw materials, analysis of
Placing into circulation of medicaments
Pharmaceutical expertises
Pollutant-contents, determination of
Q Quality-dossier
Quality testing of medicaments
R Recommendations for remediation and submission
Remediation supervision and acceptance
RoHs conformity verification of electronical and electronic components
Room air, analysis of
S Sewage sludge, analysis of
Sewage sludge, analysis according to the German ordinance (AbfKlärV)
Soil, analysis of
Soil air, analysis of
Swimming-pool water, examination of
Stability analysis
T Toxicological safety appraisal
TrinkWV 2001 - Drinking Water Ordinance, analysis according to
V VOC-value
W Wastewater, analysis of
Water, analysis of



Glossary - A to Z

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