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Product examinations - Pollutant analyses


The quality checks are i. a. realized based on following legal requirements:
• ChemVerbotsV
• LFGB, BedGgstV, VerpackV
• ElektroG (RoHS)
• GefstoffV
• FCKWHalonVerbV
• SpielSiV

For the consumer , tests of harmfull substances are popular. Because, health is a great good.

From children's toys on packaging to construction - we test your products on health and evironmental pollutants. The quality seal of Dr. Graner & Partner signals your customer: At the current state of knowledge this product isn't danger to humans or the environment.

This type of checking depends on the product to be analysed - a colourful wooden toy requires other studies as a power tool for commercial use.

Therefore, we check your products according to the applicable rules dor example after the ChemVerbotsV, LFGB, BedGgstV, ElektroG (RoHS), VerpackV, GefstoffV, FCKWHalonVerbV, SpielSiV. Whether it is the determination of the saliva and perspiration fastness of products for children, the determination of phthalates in food packaging or the contents of poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in plastic hammer handles, the safety of your products is the prime criterion.Of course we also perform checks according to your own criteria.

But: The standard is high! Only products that runs their testing completely successful, are awarded with the quality seal. We owe that to your good reputation!




The plus you put with us

• Analysis and evaluation from a hand


• Minimum analyse terms in combination with supreme flexibility


• Qualified evaluation of analytical results


• Many years of experience in demarcation matters





PAK in Spielzeug
Aufgrund der steigenden Zahl
von Krebserkrankungen bei
Kindern ist es laut Bundesinstitut
für Risikobewertung dringend
geboten, die Exposition
gegenüber CMR-Stoffen
(krebserzeugend, erbgutverändernd oder fortpflanzungsgefährdend Stoffe) soweit wie möglich zu minimieren.

Zahlreiche polyzyklische aromatische Kohlenwasserstoffe (PAK) sind krebserzeugende Substanzen und können deshalb den sogenannten CMR-Stoffen zugeordnet werden. Bei den PAK handelt es sich in der Regel um ein Substanzgemisch aus mehr als hundert Einzelkomponenten. PAK können u.a. in...(mehr)




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Contact for inquiries:

Martin Müller, Phone +49 (0)89 - 863 005-25

Dagmar Grewe, Phone +49 (0)89 - 863 005-33


Alexander Hartmann, Phone +49 (0)89 - 863 005-45