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Mould damage


• Inspection / risk assessment
• Remediation programs
• Submission / contract placing
• Remediation supervision and acceptance
• Coordination of safety and health protection

Moulds and mildew are natural organisms in the environment which certainly also includes our housing spaces. However, the amplification of moulds and mildew in the indoor environment can affect human health. Allergies, infections, and toxic effects, have been described as being related to mould exposures.

Increased moisture caused by damage (e.g. water leakage), defects or deficiencies in the construction (e.g. thermal bridges) or incorrect ventilation behaviour, can bring about an acute mould infestation which demands remediation.

An economic and sustainable remediation is eventually dependant upon a thorough investigation, which includes identification of damage-reason and -degree, followed by the removal of the different causes as well as an efficient mould-elimination.

Our formula for success is a comprehensive interdisciplinary damage handling, performed by a team of specialists who combine their scientific, engineer-technical and commercial, expert knowledge.

Our EU-certified construction expert, branch moisture and mold damage has long-standing experience in the assessment and remediation of moistness and mould damage. By the active cooperation on special committees we are always up-to-date in research and technology.
Our expertise assessment and conception of remediation get their bearings from the appropriate studies and technical instructions of the Federal Environment Agency, Association for Building Industry (BG Bau) and the public health department of Baden-Württemberg.




The plus you put with us

• From analysis to expert`s validation – all from one source


• Accredited in-house analysis laboratory


• Complete damage management


• Competent consulting by experienced experts




Contact us. We will provide you with individual solutions to Your Questions and problems.

Contact for inquiries:

Dr. P. Riemschneider, Phone +49 (0)89 - 863 005-22

Büro Frankfurt/Main, Phone. +49 (0)6103 - 48 56 98-0


Dr. Daniel Schäfer, Phone +49 (0)89 - 863 005-18

Conny Bartholmes, Phone +49 (0)89 - 863 005-18