State-of-the-art equipment
Development of methods according to the customers request
Method validating
Dynamic and highly motivated laboratory team


Accreditation to DIN EN ISO 17025
Admissions according to legal requirements as AMG, TrinkWV 2001 etc.
Applying of national und international acknowledged regulations and methods like pharmacopoeia, § 64 LFGB, DIN, EN ISO, AQS, LAGA etc.
Qualified employees having professional experience

High flexibility
Sample pickup overnight from any location in Germany
Short term processing time
Engaged and highly motivated laboratory team

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    Dr. Peter Riemschneider
    Phone +49 89 863005-22
    Alexander Hartmann
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    Dr. Christian Wellmann
    Phone +49 89 863005-15
    Dr. Herbert Knoblauch
    Phone +49 89 863005-47

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