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Quality assurance

Quality at a high level

All areas of our laboratories are accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025. Furthermore, our laboratory field “Medicaments” is GMP certified. Work according to the rules of a strict quality management is as natural for us as regular participation in proficiency tests of recognized institutions.
An internal, computer-based Quality-Management-System (LIMS) is used to secure the calculated values.
We conduct our analysis in accordance with recognized national and international guidelines or procedures (such as pharmacopoeias, § 64 LFGB, DIN, EN ISO, AQS, LAGA). Of course, we are working even after you have given methods.

Quality management is not end in itself, but the basis of our daily work. This includes absolute openness to you, the client – when desired you can see our quality management system gladly.

Our quality management system covers every step in the process – – from the sample entrance over the analysis up to the environmental fair disposal. Quality management does not only begin with the entrance of the sample in the laboratory: We advise and inform you on the sample drawing and the preparation of analysis plans. Wherever possible, we work according to national, European and other international standards and procedures to make the obtained results comparable to them.

A modern equipment allotment forms the basis for qualitatively good results, speed and economic working. Qualified technical personnel daily again fills the quality term with lives. The extensive accreditation certificate and a multiplicity of permissions also commit us to a high standard of quality.

So you can be sure: the standard that you yourself need to keep a daily basis, also holds the laboratory!


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