Drinking Water


Running water from a tap33 % of drinking water in German private households is contaminated and does not meet the requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance (TVO 2001) for water suitable for human consumption.

This is the result of a research campaign carried out by Labor Dr. Graner & Partner GmbH in cooperation with a partner company. Altogether about 23000 drinking water samples were taken in German households. Only drinking water from domestic installation systems in apartment buildings were tested; the samples were generally taken according to the water meter and the rules of the TVO 2001.

Especially the exposure to Legionella poses a considerable risk. These are a class of rod-shaped bacteria that thrive very well in warm water and, especially when showering they get into the air and can be inhaled. In principle all human can become ill in this way; for ill humans with weakened immune system the Legionellose or “Legionnaires disease” represents however a special danger: According to the Federal Environment Agency, between 20,000 and 32,000 people contract pneumonia caused by Legionella every year and 10 to 100 times more suffer from the less severe Pontiac fever.

The current Drinking Water Ordinance therefore obliges operators of drinking water systems (e.g. landlords) to check whether they are obliged to undergo an examination, to report this to the responsible health authority and to have the system examined by a laboratory approved for this analysis such as Dr. Graner & Partner GmbH. Landlords must report the laboratory results to the health authorities within two weeks. We, the Labor Dr. Graner & Partner GmbH, are at your side as an independent institute with the necessary knowledge and tailor-made equipment.

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