Packaging - Analysis of packaging - migration, permeation, emission and residuary solvents


  • Examination of paper, cardboard and packaging foil
  • Examination of coated, painted, impregnated, printed papers, cardboards and foils
  • Examination of compound packages such as aluminium-plastic compounds
  • Examination of metal packages
  • Examination of adhesives, curing agent, printing ink, glues, and other supports

Since december 2004 in the European Union the regulation EG/1935/2004 is in force. As a law providing guideline it rules the conformity of packages and other convenience goods that come into contact with food.

The corresponding guideline 2002/72/EG regularises amongst others the admitted monomers for food-convenience-goods. According to this, the migration values of additives are also well-defined. In order to be regarded as inert, these migration-values must not exceed food-convenience-goods.

Concerning this matter we offer the following services:

  • Testing of the admittance of the used monomers
  • Migration-examinations of the additives and supports which are described in chapter III of the guideline 2002/72/EG, identification of the QM- and SML-values
  • Permeation-testing of lightly volatile components, also by means of analysis-chambers
  • Emission-measurement of all non-metallic materials and products, also by means of analysis-chambers
  • Examination for residuary solvents in plastics, pharmaceuticals, raw products etc. amongst others by means of multi-headspace-extraction (MHE) or thermodesorption-analyses
  • Ascertainment of damage and causes /in case your product emits conspicuous smells/ in case of problems occurring in the production process

Our state of the art laboratory equipment allows for sensitive trace analyses, even in the case of most difficult matrices. Modern autosampler systems in combination to high-performance GC- and HPLC-units enable us to perform a far ranging spectrum of analyses – enables us to tackle your individual questions and problems.

Experienced analytical chemists, food-chemists and pharmacists support you in making your product fit for the future.
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