Testing of materials for emissions by thermodesorption analysis


Oldtimer, Steering wheel, interior car

  • Identification of VOC / fog according to VDA 278
  • Fogging, headspace-method according to VDA 277
  • Aldehyde-identification according to VDA 275
  • Car interior air measurement

Thermodesorption analysis serves as analytical method for the identification of emissions from non-metallic materials such as leather, textiles, carpeting, plastic parts, foils, varnish and many other substances. In september 2002 the association for automobile industry issued the technical standard VDA 278, specifically referring to automobile industry.

The materials are characterized in regard to quality and quantity of the organic substances which can exhale. As a result you receive two semi-quantitative summations which on the one hand combine the volatile components (VOC), on the other hand the condensable ones (Fog).

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